Unibet never wanted to be a coach, now has his philosophy and is holding her

Unibet never wanted to be a coach, now has his philosophy and is holding her

A few days ago, Roger Schmidt made a trip to London to watch the English Premier League slush in which Tottenham trained Manchester City and won 2-0. Now Mauricio Pochettino and his team are waiting for Schmidt’s Leverkusen and a German coach who has never dreamed of this type of career can not wait…Roger Schmidt himself knows how to outlaw Pep Guardiola. Of the seven attempts he managed to do in the Bundesliga four times, and that he was impressed by Pochettino, it is no coincidence.Both coaches prefer attacking, aggressive Unibet online football with a high defense line and a rapid transition to the attack.

The 39-year-old strategist, at the head of Bayer 04, stood up in the summer of 2014 to replace Hyypiä – Lewandowski and form a physically well- an entertaining team whose style of play by Stefan Bienkowski’s journalist reminds the mix of Kloppo’s Dortmund and Guardiol’s Bayern.

Schmidt’s mantra is “not to be intimidated”; his Leverkusen always wants to dictate the way the game is played and the course of the match. “We are happy when playing at high intensity.And against the opponents who are better on paper than we are, like Bayern or Barcelona in the Champions League, we’re trying to play our football, “says the former Salzburg pilgrim with a confident smile. Roger Schmidt he has never tried to hit the Bundesliga conventions, and rather he has his own way, which Tottenham thinks. “Every country has its own culture, but all teams have recently become a little more international. A lot of Tottenham players are from abroad as Unibet pariuri well as their coach. It’s more variable. I do not think you can say what is English football and Italian.This is simply Tottenham football, “says Schmidt, who is approaching each individual individually.

The winner of the Austrian Bundesliga with Maurice Pochettin currently unites similar philosophies, but it does not apply to the past. Schmidt was not someone, and he was hanging in the semi-professional league of North Rhine-Westphalia for most of the time, while he worked as an engineer. “I never wanted to be a football coach. At first it was just a hobby, ” admits without torture.

It was with such a vision that Schmidt started late when Delbrücker SC took 37 years.But then there were full-time jobs in Münster, Paderborn, and Salzburg in Austria, where he had the honor of working with one of the brains of the German revolution of the last few years, Ralf Rangnick.

“We exchanged countless ideas we have been working together for the past two years, and finally, football has been born, which was, in its essence, an even greater extreme than Ralf’s at Hoffenheim, “Schmidt looks at his mentor’s five-year engagement.

In Leverkusen, Schmidt is slowly but surely moving forward. He finished fourth in his first season, then it was third, and it is now generally assumed that Bayer 04 will attack the second place alongside Borussia Dortmund.It is the Tuckle of Leverkusen this month that took the wind from the sails with a 2: 0 win, not the same as the cock over the seemingly unbeatable Man City.

Now Bayer 04 is still the tenth but the game seems more confident in the cramps than at the beginning of the season. And despite the weekend defeat with Werder, Tottenham will surely not be tainted.

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