The Derby investigates the behavior of Pearson, who may be awaiting throws

The Derby investigates the behavior of Pearson, who may be awaiting throws

Nigel Pearson, who has been alerted to controversial moments by Leicester, has been in trouble. The 55-year-old coach now leads the Derby County second league, but that’s what he does not have to pay. Pearson had a cross with club owner Mel Morris, for which he was suspended for a Tuesday game with Cardiff…

Nigel Pearson met with Morris on Monday and was passionately discussing the poor start of the Aries season . Under the supervision of a native of Nottingham, Derby won only one of the first nine league matches and the second victory was added only yesterday by Chris Powell.

The temporary Derby County pilot would also remain at the head of the team.According to John Percy of the Daily Telegraph, an investigation into Pearson’s behavior is still underway, and it may well be stretched until the next week. ”

” I’m counting on the Saturday night against Reading, and on Wednesday (yesterday) I’ll talk to the owner and then see ” i> declared the second win in the Powell season, but he said: “But it was Nigel’s team, and I’m giving it to him because I felt he’d come anyway, the player was well prepared. i>

Nigel Pearson arrived at iPro Stadium in May and with an ambitious mannequin he was to imitate his success with Leicester, who had also previously pulled out to the Premier League.Derby, however, did not win at least one game at home and scored one goal at a time, which in itself – even without an argument with the owner – made Pearson’s position more difficult.

If a former Southampton manager really got a fighter, Steve McClaren (for whom the Newcastle fiasco would have been a return to a recent job) or Steve Bruce, who seems to be considering and considering the relaxed English coach post, is also ruled.

Pearson of engagement in Leicester is preceded by the reputation of a troubled coach, and Foxes had to dismiss him for the first time after a bizarre fight with James McArthur of Crystal Palace, whose Pearson was caught under one’s neck.To the courageous coach who occasionally cracked when the journalist described himself as an ostrich, a sexual intercourse with the participation of his son-player City indirectly broke out in Leicester.