Tales of Autumn: Ottmar was waiting. What a terrible journey to dream

Tales of Autumn: Ottmar was waiting. What a terrible journey to dream

There was no place in Hradec in the gate, where he shone from the pupils’ years. Until this summer, Ottmarova made a successful conclusion to the first-goal team on the goalie. At the age of thirty-two he became one of the oldest debutants in the Czech top competition, but he was also interested in what he was doing.

“For me, it is a dream, and I wish nothing more , “Says the goalie who captured all fifteen Hradec games in the autumn and did not let anyone else enter his goal. He scored mainly in the matches with Jihlava and Teplice, in which, as in the other two, he kept a net account. The newcomer was a decent act.

However, Ottmaros was threatening several times that the first-goal goal would never be enough.Shortly after the incident, Coach Uliwik wandered to his first hos – ting to the Regional Championship. In Týniště nad Orlicí, where he moved later, he experienced the progress and then the season in the division, but also a short period when he wanted to leave and played a few games in the attack: “The tenser had a good goalkeeper and I did not want to take his place.”

Sokolov was far away

Eight years ago, the chance to get higher finally came. Half a year he was in Sokolov, where he did not get to the goal. “I came just before the season, so I’ve been sitting there for half a year,” he reminds.Although he did not, he left a good impression, Sokolov offered him a multi-year contract, the second league was close.

But Ottmar refused. “We were born a son at that time, I did not want to be so far from the family,” he explains.

Instead of the second league, he came back to the division and six years ago an unexpected return to Hradec Králové. But if he was waiting for him to move to the league, he had to be disappointed. Several seasons in his case repeated a much-likened scenario. With the team graduating, but it was he who either played the role of the goalie troika in the club and went to the farm or just left to host.

He started to think that football would not be the main one.He even did the appropriate course and began to give financial advice to athletes. “I wanted to play, but it was not easy. But I was fortunate enough for the patrons who always helped me, and for my wife’s support. She did not force me to decide to end the football and started to do something else, I’m grateful that I never gave it up, “he says. Still, he lacked the necessary luck. Like two years ago when the goalkeeper was looking for Viktoria in Žižkov. Ottmar drove in the middle of preparing for the exam, but he fell miserably.He immediately put himself in the goal against Sparta, first he got three goals in seven minutes from Lafata, then three more of the Spartans in the half-time and in the half was hope.

“It did not work, but it was another good experience, “he also tried to take something positive from this failure.

When last summer came and the first real chance. Hradec then fell from the first league, and the goalkeepers Koubek, who left for Sparta, and Slovak Kuciak, who made him two in the season. Coach Pilný might have been surprising at the time of the club’s leadership in order not to get a replacement for them. Instead, he pointed to Ottmar, whom he knew of his recent joint work in the three-lion Supersov.Ottmar traveled there in his traditional position as a Hradec Troika to help the farm. “At the end of the first-league season, he suggested he would give me a chance.I’m so grateful to him for this, “says Ottmar.

Last season, seventeen Ottmar Zero in the second league and the success of this year’s successful premiere took place in this confidence.

I appreciate it a lot, perhaps more than when I went from eighteen to profism, “he admits, and he does not regret that he has had to go through competitions for years, with few of them getting back to the top. “My luck was that almost everywhere I came, I was catching up, moving it up, gaining my experience.”

And to his good, Radim Ottmar uses the potentially unwanted experience he has gained Coach of Ulysses.In addition to great perception, shrewdness and foresight, its great advantage is playing a leg.