Switching between teams is not a problem for me, says Holoubek

Switching between teams is not a problem for me, says Holoubek

A very busy week is experienced by the coach of Sparta David Holoubek. On Monday, along with two other assistants Zdeněk Svoboda and Stanislav Hejkal, he took over the team of Zdeněk Ščasný, today he headed the team to 19 years in the Youth League and half an hour later he was sitting at a press conference before the European League match with Milan, where he will live on Thursday “I’m very busy now, I’m experiencing such a small dream because I did not expect to be a Sparta coach shortly, even for a few days,” he said. said Holoubek. “I have a lot of thoughts in my head today, but it was not optimal tonight because I was thinking a lot about how to put Interu into competition.We want to wake up Sparta, “he adds.

Switching between the 19th and the A-team is no longer a problem for him, since he already knows from the start of the season as a Speedy Assistant. he had spent two months. I kept passing between Strahov and Letna. I do not see any problems in switching and I am now able to concentrate fully on the A-Team, “said the 36-year-old coach.

Although he is going to be a great coach for himself, he is relegating himself. The match with Intera Milan is, in his opinion, mainly about the players. “The match is not about David Holoubek proving he is a good coach.It’s about the players to show fans that they are good players and that they deserve to be in Sparta’s cabin, “Holoubek said.

On Inter was preparing for information from various sources. “Yesterday, I had a long phone call with (former Sparta player) Ladislav Krejci, who played against Inter in Bologna. We have solved different things. We know the weakness of Inter, but we want to refrain from our own performance. From his own honest work on the pitch. The fact that it’s against Inter is simply a fact, we respect it, but we focus on ourselves, “he added.

When compiling the team, he is also troubled by the health complications of some players. he had to resist Costa defenders because of the injury. “We have some scars after the derby, but I would not like to specify it.Let’s have at least a small weapon against the opponent, “said Holoubek, but he is ready to involve both the junior and the junior players. ” Young players will certainly be on the bench, “