Scream the simulation, push the commission to the referees in the football league

Scream the simulation, push the commission to the referees in the football league

In the summer Michal Listkiewicz, the former Polish Arbiter and chairman of the local union, became Judge Chief. New members are members of the commission.

What was the fall?

Jilak and Dobrovolny in the match between Jihlava and Slavi (1: 1) defeated the defeat of Ratajová in the duel of Brno with Sparta (3: 3) and especially the scandalous verdicts of the main Nenadál in the match of Liberec with Slovácko (2: 2).

“In Liberec I was a delegate, there were fatal mistakes,” said Mlsn, Vice-President.Nenadal has a suspended delegation for five matches, part of it has “done”, the remaining four matches will stand in the spring.

Nenadal has mistakenly missed two penalty kicks against the Slovak, but did not order the penalty against Liberec.

Jilek in Jihlava also mistakenly evaluated the situation in the penalty area and punished the penalty for Slavia. Pomezní Volunteer again did not remove offside Van Kessela, who equalized to 1: 1.

Rataj in bad time evaluated the offensive position of Brno Hyčka, who compared to Sparta 3: 3.She, Jilek and Dobrovolny had a suspended delegation for four games.

In other judges, the judges for the unprovoked penalty or the goals have been less severely penalized.

“I think we have maintained the trend , which distinguishes two situations. If the penalty kick and the red card affect the outcome of the match or not, “says Mlsna. In other words, the penalty for the error is different if it occurs in a 4: 0 or 0: 0.

“It also depends on how complicated the situation is. When it is obvious and has an effect on the outcome, the punishment is stricter. But sometimes we take the record ten times, twenty times, and we still have doubts. I think it is fair to distinguish these situations, “notes Listkiewicz.

“Each error has its consequences.It’s like in criminal law. If the damage is small, you will receive a different penalty than if you cause much more damage for the same mistake, “says Mlsna.

” We call it arbitrators, we appeal to delegates to push the referee. It is also up to you journalists to inform you of unfair negotiations, “comments Mlsna.

” I think the punishment of simulation has improved, “Listkiewicz believes.

Boleslav – Pilsen called Evrle to the eagle that he did not punish the Pilsen midfielder Petrzel for his simulation. Because of this, he had a reduced mark, which would be reflected in the overall rating.But the players can not punish. ”

” The Disciplinary Board can do anything to punish anything and anyone, “Mlsna stresses.

The Disciplinary Commission has not yet illuminated the simulators, when the judging team judiciously orders a penalty shootout to decide the outcome.

For example, during the autumn, the commission acknowledged that Sparta judges should order three penalty kicks in the matches in Pilsen, with Pribram and Karvina. p>

“I do not think the referees are afraid to whistle a penalty against Sparta, Pilsen or Manchester. When you look at the table, they did not hit the league.”Sparta is the most watched team in the country and any overturning or controversial verdict of the souls in its game is more public than the competition. It’s similar in Pilsen in recent years.

“The problem is a bit different and it is related to technical possibilities. When watching a video from individual stadiums, some of them get the quality that you can analyze any situation that happens in the lime. These are mainly stadiums where European cups are played and clubs are ready for it. So yes, Sparta and Pilsen.But from other clubs you get shots where it’s just not so clear, “added Mlsna.