It will not be easy, says Vrťo attracting new reinforcements to Ostrava

It will not be easy, says Vrťo attracting new reinforcements to Ostrava

Coach Vlastimil Petrzela would like to bring the finished first-league players to the team and best of the basic set. “We have the names, we have addressed the players and now we are dealing with them,” Dušan Vrťo said. However, he added that some have already said they will not go to the second league. And that’s the biggest problem.

“It’s not as much money as players want to second league,” Vrťo said. “We can not think that we will bring everyone here if we have to give him some ten twenty thousand more salary than he should have. It’s going to be on the same level as Sparta, Slavia, Teplice, Liberec…But we’re looking for an alternative trainer. ”

Vrťo admits that Baník is again an attractive address. “Yes, players look at our offer differently than in the summer.They tell each other, so they knew there were no payouts in the past, but now the situation is comfortable, wages go on time. And that is an advantage in the negotiations. Everybody hears the trouble-free running of the club, so it’s up to us to come. ”

Baník looks for a shooter above all. “We also have some trouble in the middle of the backup, Spielmacr. We have Mičolu, Nerada, De Azeveda, who have quality, but we still need to add one. And we would welcome a smart wing. ”

Vrťo did not reveal the names. “As for the shooters, when you look at the table of the second-league cannons, you are betting some.”

Thirteen goals were given in Olomouc by Plšek in the autumn, ten Varnsdorf Jakubov.And what about Opava Smola with eight goals? “Come on, Smoly, we already had a lot of power in some matches,” Vrťo refused to confirm the name.

The club’s chiefs want to release the few mined players in the winter. “These are five six boys,” Vrťo said. “We want them to go on and play.” On the other hand, the hosting ends with Tomáš Huček from Žilina, David Lischka from Jablonec and Petr Nerada from Jihlava. Lischka in Baník ends, Hušek and Nerad Ostrava deal. “In the case of Hutka, we are negotiating with ninety-nine percent with Žilina,” said Dušan Vrťo.