Great respect and brave decisions. What do the Stars say about leaving Rosberg?

Great respect and brave decisions. What do the Stars say about leaving Rosberg?

It took exactly 11 years and 206 races, of which 23 were winners. To do so, it is necessary to add 30 winning qualifications and, most importantly, the championship title, which he secured at the very last Grand Prix in his career. Nico Rosberg has risen in formula 1 every year up and down and will not fall. After the season 2016 he will remain at the top and instead of another team-mate will be dedicated to the family.

Whether it was in Williams or Mercedes, he was always among the most respected racers on the track. Perhaps he has never been ranked among the most talented or fastest, but with his persistence and analytical attitude of racing he has proven he can still be the best. And that he can count well, he did even after winning the title.He did not want to give a chance to the doubters and he’d rather go to the top.

“He’s a big champion! It has my great admiration, “said one of Sergio Pérez’s rivals. “Great respect and good luck,” added Kevin Magnussen. “A very brave decision by Nico,” wrote to his departure one of Nigel Mansell’s great rivals. “I’m sure he had major reasons for this.”

The unexpected unilateral termination of the contract may have been a bit upset by Daniel Ricciard, who would be one of the hottest candidates for a relaxed seat in the championship. If he did not extend the Red Bull team contract until the end of 2018, the Australian remained above. “No matter who gets it, it will be a great chance for him. It will be the most amazing Christmas present.Nico is a borec that he could say enough. He has achieved his goal and goes on, admirable, “Ricciardo said.

A completely different view of Rosberg’s teammate Hamilton. In the last few years, there was a rival rivalry between them, in the struggle for a championship title everyone stood on the other side of the barricade, but they were friends. The side-growers who grew up in racing superstars. That’s why he knows Hamilton Rosberg better than any of the current Formula One.

“I’m probably one of the few people who did not surprise him,” says Hamilton. “I’ve known him for a long time, we are racing against him for eighteen years, and this is the first time he has won.The first time is the best. I was expecting it to be packed, “Hamilton remembered, remembering that the previous years were always better. But he also added other reasons: “He always did a lot of his family, he wanted to have kids, and Formula 1 takes a lot of time.” Despite the fact that he was preparing for the title this year, Hamilton will miss Rosberg in Formula One. “We started to meet when we were thirteen and we always talked about being world champions. When I switched to Mercedes, Nico was already there, and our dreams changed into reality. It will be a strange feeling until next year next to me on the track. We will miss our sport. “