From the winter to the sea for progress. We are expecting a huge match, says coach Liberec

From the winter to the sea for progress. We are expecting a huge match, says coach Liberec

From the snowy Liberec to the sea to the sunny Soluna, where there are pleasing thirteen degrees. For the procedure. The last match in 2016 can bring great success to the Czech team.

“We have at least a partial chance to fix that bored autumn and achieve what seemed to be a science fiction a month ago. For me and for others it would be a lifetime success, “said Trpišovský.

Liberec does not have the situation in his hands. Whether he reaches the second position in the group, he also decides to play a parallel match in Azerbaijan, where Karabakh hosts Fiorentina. If the home gets a point, Liberec is without a chance. In order to have it, he must win and wait in Solon.

“The basic goal is to win, without everything being superfluous. Then we can only stick to something else.The second match could interest us as we lead 3: 0 and will be three minutes to finish, “Trpišovský stressed.

Liberec from five matches in group J scored only with Karabakh, four points for draw and winning but thanks to the results of other rivals he is holding the team in the game.

Liberec’s hope revived last 3-0 victory over Karabakh, but the league autumn did not work out. Severočesy six times in a row, they lost 0-1 in the weekend in Jihlava and only two points from the descent partitions.That is why the cup can improve their reputation, mood and other bonuses.

For winning, the second place in the group and participation in the first round of the elimination phase, the club will receive 1 million and 160 thousand euros (31 million crowns) Liberec has won about 90 million crowns so far.

In the first match against PAOK, home they scored for 41 seconds, but eventually lost in a duel.

“We rely on our balance to make us out there better. In Europe, we are doing better, we are terribly worried in the Czech Republic with scored goals. We do not like the games when nobody is waiting for us, “said Trpišovský. Liberec only twice lost in nine outdoor cup matches under Trpišovský coach, in Florence and last year in Braza.The basic group of cups plays for the fourth time in history, and for the third time in the last four seasons, it has advanced only in the 2013/14 season. I PAOK plays the game, needs to score more points than the second match of Karabakh with Fiorentina. So he will move the draw even if Karabakh loses. In the general in Liberec he lost 0: 1 on the Panathinaikos of Athens, he did not manage the previous two league games and fell to eleventh place in the table. Even Soluni is about how to improve the autumn impression.