Earlier, tourists at the Acropolis have watched their watch, now they are in the NBA

Earlier, tourists at the Acropolis have watched their watch, now they are in the NBA

A freshly twenty-two-year-old native of Athens has been working in the US profile since 2013, but it has slowed down its current location. Milwaukee is not a dream basketball address. However, this may change. Antetokunmp’s merit.

Jannis’s star is steadily rising, at the end of last season, so that the “Greek Freak” (a Greek monster) has become more widespread.

see box Antetoco or…) was born at the end of 1994 to a family of Nigerian immigrants who had moved from Lagos, the largest city of Nigeria, three years earlier.

The family, which gradually grew to five brothers, lived from hand to mouth.In Greece, she stayed on the edge of the company, older children including Jannis helped to sell street watches, sunglasses, and other things. If you visited the center of Athens in the last decade, perhaps during the 2004 Olympics, perhaps the NBA star might have watched somewhere under the acropolis…

Citizenship could have forgotten Antetokunmp for a long time, it came with the success of sons on basketball courts.Birth in Greece does not automatically claim citizenship, and Jannis had no passport until he was eighteen.

Basketball began to play the future sport miracle at the age of thirteen; on the threshold of adulthood, he played the second Greek league for Filathlitikos and subsequently signed up for Zaragoza, the club in the highest competition in Spain.

Interest was also reported in Barcelona or Anadolu Efes Istanbul. However, Antetokunmpo never got to Zaragoza. Three years ago he was drawn to the NBA in the fifteenth position and went straight to Milwaukee.

The Jannis Scout viewfinder has been since 2012, but he has not arrived at any of the training sessions before the draft. He had to reject invitations, no one knew what to expect from him.On videos from a Greek junior or a second league it looks as if he played against little children. He was so exhausted from the crowd.

Scouts knew about his unique character, but who was sure Jannis had all the dispositions necessary to succeed in professional basketball?

However, the physical uniqueness had to be tested, and the Milwaukee could not have lost the least.

Now, at the thought of draft 2013, hair is haunting mainly (but not only) in Cleveland, Orlando or Washington. One was Anthony Bennett, two Victor Oladipo, Otto Porter Troy…

Antetokunmpo was the youngest player in the draft and subsequently became the youngest man in the NBA. From the first day, it was obvious that they were not mistaken in Milwaukee.

When it was drawn, it measured 203 centimeters.At the end of his new season, he was seven centimeters more and eventually attacked seven hundred feet (213 centimeters) in the United States.

Just as treacherous as the altitude, it’s even the name of his exact position on the pitch. Together with the star Kevin Durant, NBA is the highest NBA player on the perimeter, but he also has a lot of work traditionally designed for sub-squad players.

Antetokunmp’s fieldwork is unusually wide, coach Jason Kidd has basically made him a player, lets him play with the ball, and Jannis is able to cross over the entire pitch and jam.

His stretched hands measure 220 centimeters, but his giants are really giant and full of palm.The average palm size of a man (measuring the distance between the tip of the thumb and the toe) is 19 centimeters. Jannis’s hand is 30 centimeters, which is even more than the famous defender Kawhi Leonard of San Antonio, nicknamed “The Claw” or Pařát. Walter Tavares, a 221-centimeter, could be equaled. After joining the league, Jannis gained nearly fifteen pounds of muscle for the current 101 kilograms, but in the years to come, he probably expects to pick up again.

A unique young man quickly said about a place on the deck – and he also got it. In Greece, he could not train often enough because he had to go out on the street, now it is his rule that he leaves the hall for the last time.

And one more goal at the start of the profiariers rescheduled, personal.As early as possible to secure a family.

At the beginning of his career, Antetokunmpo puts most of the money aside for the family who had to stay in Greece. His first apartment in Milwaukee was very small, second-hand or third-hand equipment purchased on the internet and from teammates. After a few months the administrative problems were resolved, and the rest of the African family was in the American Midwest.

And on the field? Bucks in his first season succeeded in only fifteen games, and Jannis had the best league in the world.He got a seat in the second five newcomers.

In the second year, with much better performances, he helped the young team to 41 wins, and in the first round of the play-off he was in trouble with Chicago.

Last year, Bucks waited for further progress, but the tired season came, the only clear side was the progress of the young Greek, who scored 17 points, eight rebounds and four assists in the game.

This year, the “Human Alphabet” game, as Antentokunmp says, because of the hard-to-pronounce name and colorful basketball record, has risen higher.He is the bucks of Bucks, who are fighting for the fourth place in the Eastern Conference and is among the best players of the league.

In the season he scored a triple-double win over Orlando for 21 points, ten rebounds and the same number of assists was sixth in his career). And the best performance came last week against Cleveland’s acting champions, their weight was 34 points, added twelve rebounds and five assists and gains. The team’s victory series at the turn of November and December secured the title of the best player of the week NBA East Conference.

At Milwaukee today, Jannis will not let go, the city and the club swear loyalty and once they want to celebrate their basketball champions.So far, only Kareem Abdul-Jabbara (then Lewa Alcindora) and Oscar Robertson in 1971 have done it.

In order for Jannis Antetokunmpo to move between the offensive aces, he has to remove a single weakness – Even so, he is expected to win his first NBA star title this year, and may be the main face of the league for the future.

“Look what you’ve done. And that’s just an early show where he can bring us, “praises his best player coach Kidd. “He’s done a lot of it, and it’s time for his bar to move up. It will be among the best, LeBron James or Dirk Nowitzki. It would not be great to have the two in one. I think it’s possible. ”

It’s also for Greek basketball.The European stars Theo Papalukas and Dimitris Diamantidis have finished completely, Vassilis Spanulis just a representation. Jannis Antetokunmpo is now number one in the national team.

Blessing is also from the marketing point of view, along with his older brother Thanasis, Jannis organizes a series of outdoor exhibition tournaments Antetokounbros that attracts the next generation to the streets of Athens, Thessaloniki and Hérakleion. / p>

Connection Antetokunmpo – Greece did not start with idyll, but now it is not far away.