Climber Ondra: The Olympics is such a pasch for me. Only sport is not enough

Climber Ondra: The Olympics is such a pasch for me. Only sport is not enough

Just this year, he had been applauding as a world champion in the full Bercy Hall in Paris. He also felt the ultimate pleasure when he made the extremely difficult journey of the Dawn Wall in Yosemite National Park at a record pace in November – and his euphoria for eight days on the perpendicular wall.

That would be the biggest

But what about the greatest beauty?

“Now I’m attacking Madagascar. Down in the valley you do not see African plains and savannas around, we climbed to the top, the sun set and it was an indescribable, unexplainable view, “says Adam Ondra with passion. The 23-year-old climber is the hit of the last few weeks, nomination among the top ten Athlete of the Year. It’s almost unseen in its industry.

Is it here?At the World Championships, he also took two gold in the past, not just one as he did this year, but he even secured the biggest response to Dawn Wall. “It certainly has its sporting value but also something extra,” says Ondra. “I can not say if climbing is a lifestyle or a sporting activity. It’s just climbing. ”

I want the whole experience

It’s a little like to compare two snowboarders: shines down the Olympic track for the medal, and the other drops in the powder in the desert for an experience alone.

“I think it’s very similar,” he agrees. “Everyone enjoys something different. If anyone wants to do pure sport, just race and fill it up, good. It fills me with what I do.I feel all the ingredients. ”

The recipe of his world is composed of titles and personal joy, rivalry with adversaries and nature.

I enjoy, motivate me to train. But if I had to choose only one thing, then climb in the rocks, “he says. “That’s the whole experience. Nice day outdoors. You get to different places, you travel the whole world. Without these ingredients, climbing would never be so terrible. ”

Experts have long been a hero and a pioneer, most fans are just discovering it.And he’s a little paradoxical for performance on the rock at one time in the competition of Olympic medalists from Rio, biathlonist Koukalová, Sáblíková icon…

“I’m a little shy and nervous. Perhaps it will be good, “he says.

Ondra’s skills could be the Czech trump for the summer 2020 game, where the sporting climbing will be premiered. But he himself will say, “The Olympics are a pasch in this form.”

If you are one of those who do not know climbing disciplines, here are: climbing to speed, climbing to difficulty and so-called bouldering. In Tokyo, Ondrej’s sport will be celebrated as a premiere, but in the role of a cat. Only one set of medals will be awarded for the sum of the three items mentioned.

“Curious.The combination is not very popular, “says Ondra. “As if someone from the IOC said: Climbing is varied, we would like everything, but we’ll just give you one medal. I think right at that moment the Federation should come and say, We think it’s unwise. Instead, she decided: We will do it. ”

Here is Ondra speaking of a person who” wants all the ingredients “. Speed ​​climbing has its own specialists, fighting with the stopwatch on the same constant path. They do it around and around, almost in the robotic pace. “It’s more athletics,” he says. He deals with difficulty and bouldering: “There we have to be ready for everything.”It’s probably naive to think that the bosses of his sport voluntarily surrendered to Olympic participation, even though the compromise was born to almost everyone’s displeasure. “They did not want to upset anyone, but I think it will upset many,” says Ondra. “If they chose only speed, I would be sorry, but I think climbing at the Olympics would have a better chance of success. And then other sets would have to be added. ”

So far, they do not know how the disciplines will score. Does the mechanical speed of umbrella-type Ondra retreat?Then he would have promising prospects. “Hopefully this will be a successful start. Time will show, “he thinks. “Yes, it’s a pasquil, but perhaps thanks to the Olympics, climbing can be mediated by the media, and even the ideas I want to spread.” It may be that without the specific ingredients, even the best recipe will always be the depleted version.