Basketball players of Karlovy Vary have been broke by Brňanky, now heading to Slavia

Basketball players of Karlovy Vary have been broke by Brňanky, now heading to Slavia

“While the match looks like it looks, but we did not really do what we said before the game and what we are doing,” said coach Marcela Krämerová. On Wednesday, another match is waiting for her chaperone, and in the 14th round ŽBL will head to the board of Slavia in Prague.

And they will have something to fix.Last time against the Brno Techie, it seemed as though home basketball players said: such an opponent must defeat itself. “I do not know if they were energized, you have to ask them, but you already said many times that he does not want to even scream, but it looks as if the coach nerves and hold the attention of a team,” said the coach.

“One does not reach into the course of the match, because it takes as fitness training and I think I played all and are not eligible to coach taking time outs so that they can orazit. Sometimes I game looks so bad that one up, it must reach to them yelled, telling them what to do, but today I found that we can say anything, “he says.

The game, however, began to as expected.Karlovy Vary in the series Malečková, Šmídková, Andělová, Kušlitová, Reisingerová (Rokošová, Matulková, Pohunková, Drahokoupilová, Řeháčková, Zuzáková, Aulichová) started the first basket of Kušlitová. But the problems were to indicate immediately on the other side the Troika Growth. ”

” I would see the main problem in defense, we got enough points. It is necessary for the girls to reach into the conscience, playing the basket behind the basket at no cost. There were huge mistakes, “Marcela Krämerová, Coach, relieved.

It just seemed that the score would grow in the way everyone expected. Captain Kushlitova took the most of her, she had nine points in the opening six minutes, after the final horn they made twenty-three.But she could imitate Hana Gašicová on the other hand. The Toužim-Karlovy Vary female with a large fan club in the auditorium at her back also had twenty-three points at the end.

“She always had a good hand and showed she had it. She was getting enough in the free positions and thanks to our holes in the defense, “said Karolina Malečková of Karlovy Vary, a teammate of the student category.

The second half of the first half caused problems. In the 17th minute, it was shining on the board 30:29, fortunately still in the break Vary somewhat rebounded (40:30). After the party’s change, the Kulišová and Malečková triple canonade started and the score grew. And in the 33rd.Veronika Aulichová was the first to appear on Carlsbad’s deck.

“It is a playwright who has not yet sneezed at the ŽBL, a novice, is all new to her and has the right to be outcast of life. She has not started with us since the beginning, she has not been involved with the team, the game, the coach, or anyone else. It’s quite challenging for her and we’ll see how it looks like it, “coach Krämer said.Aulich has two more matches on clubs’ conviction, Wednesday on Slavia and next Friday with Trutnov. However, Karolína Malečková’s only Karlovy Vary will not be coming to her. “It’s a plus for me, I’m still playing for Sparta’s first league, and when I have the FBL and that weekend the first league, it’s really a lot when I play 35 minutes for the game,” he explains, and competition is not afraid. “The verka can alternate on the wing, which does not replace me completely, and I’m not afraid I would not miss the minute.If it was only for twenty-five minutes, I would not be angry, half a season behind us and it’s enough for me, “adds Karolina Malečková.

Not even the match itself, apart from the result, was not planned. “It did not work out as we imagined, we wanted to get on with them from the beginning, to make a breakthrough. We did not meet what we wanted, we had holes in the defense when they jumped, we were getting a basket behind the basket. “