Baroš believes that Unibet can influence the epidemic even positively

Baroš believes that Unibet can influence the epidemic even positively

Milan Baroš, on Thursday’s match of the second round of the European League against PAOK Thessaloniki, could return to the squad of Liberec footballers who were missing in the last match last Monday for Slavia due to injuries. The North Bohemians then had an infectious Unibet viral disease, they were quarantined by Tuesday, but a thirty-four-year-old cannister believed that it would be paradoxical to help.

“I have not experienced such a situation in my club The situation was so fast that no one had much time to think about it, and yesterday we met on the first practice, today’s official training and tomorrow the match.The guys who were Unibet Romania healthy were given a three-day watch to do something, so it’s not like the whole manchaft was lying in bed for four days, “Baros told a news conference.

“Sometimes this situation may be beneficial for you to release those matches from your head. Young boys are sometimes preparing to play for three days, concentrating on their head rather tangled. We are standing before the finished thing – two training sessions and a Unibet match. I hope this will be the case, we will go into the match with the free head and we will manage it for three points, “added the representative captain of the wounded Lukáš Pokorný.

He himself had trouble with the wounds, which took the lead in Karabakh, where he scored both goals in the 2-2 draw.He did not play in Slavia last Monday, but he could not Unibet return to PAOK.

“As the coach said, on today’s training or until tomorrow morning he decides who is ready to play. “I have a minor problem, but I was rather limiting soccer wounds, so let’s see how I’m going to do it,” Baroš said.

He is aware that Slovan at home with a view to fighting the procedure needs to win. “In these short-term competitions count every point and we can not say that when we lose home with PAOK now we will catch up somewhere.In the 93th minute we lost two points in Baku, so it Unibet would be good to make them at home. We know that a heavy opponent is waiting for us, the match will be balanced.We will want to win him so we can have a good position in the group and can play until the end of the game, “added a former assistant striker.

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